Florida Urology Partners Expands Group with the Addition of Suncoast Urology

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Tampa, Fla., (September 5, 2023) –Florida Urology Partners, a nationally recognized urologic specialty consortium which provides world-class comprehensive care and treatment for a wide range of conditions, including highly complex urological and other closely-related cancers, announced on Friday, September 1st, that it has expanded its footprint into Hernando and Pasco counties with the incorporation of Suncoast Urology into its group; making Florida Urology Partners one of the largest urologic specialty groups in the state of Florida.

Suncoast Urology, one of West-Central Florida’s premier urology groups, has locations in Hudson, Spring Hill and Brooksville. With six expertly trained Physicians, and two Advanced Practice Practitioners this alignment strategy further propels Florida Urology Partners’ mission to provide expert, world-class urology care to patients across the Tampa Bay region and the state of Florida.  

“The addition of Suncoast Urology has not only furthered the mission of Florida Urology Partners to provide patients with the highest quality urologic care across the region, but also allows enhanced and targeted navigation for patients who require highly specialized oncology treatment, multi-disciplinary faculty care and innovative care pathways who may not have otherwise had access,” explains Dr. Raviender Bukkapatnam, President and Executive Partner of Florida Urology. “This alignment and partnership is a pivotal event in the specialty medical community and recognizes the collaboration of two tremendous organizations aligning for the betterment of their patients.”

Suncoast Urology has a keen focus in treating patients with prostate, bladder and kidney cancers, kidney and ureteral stones, pelvic organ prolapse and female urinary incontinence benign prostate conditions, and other men’s health urologic conditions. Its providers are comprised of board-certified physicians and a fellowship-trained urologic oncologist.

“It is an honor to join Florida Urology Partners and to contribute to the group’s steadfast commitment to medical excellence, innovation and research,” notes Dr. Arnie Tannenbaum, President of Suncoast Urology. “The degree of complexity and innovative treatment pathways rendered by each Physician in the group, is truly remarkable and we are honored to now join forces.” 

Under the new model, Suncoast Urology will rebrand to Florida Urology Partners and will continue to see patients at its existing locations and with their existing physicians.

About Florida Urology Partners

Florida Urology Partners, LLP is a comprehensive urology group made up of exceptionally trained, highly specialized, and nationally recognized physicians. Utilizing the latest technological advancements available in medicine, we provide superior patient care at our urology and radiation oncology offices in the Tampa Bay area. Our mission is to provide our community with access to an excellent group of physicians and staff who provide state-of-the-art integrated urological radiation oncology and pathology services and care with respect and compassion. To further the Mission of providing access to more patients for complex and highly targeted care and treatment, Florida Urology Partners aligned with Tampa General Hospital in 2021 as part of its Physician Enterprise. Through this alignment strategy, Florida Urology Partners is now part of the TGH Cancer Institute and other closely related support services, to ensure world-class, innovative care to its patients across the state of Florida.

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