We Treat Low Testosterone (Low T)

Low Testosterone is a reduction in the amount of testosterone the body produces. Testosterone is naturally produced by men in the testes. Testosterone essentially is the principal sex hormone in men. it is natural for testosterone to decrease when men reach a certain age. testosterone typically levels begin to decrease in men between 25-30, everyone is different though.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone Can Include A Reduce In The Following

  • Sexual Desire, sometimes also resulting in erectile dysfunction
  • Bone and muscle density
  • The Production of red blood cells

Low testosterone can be detected through monitoring the patient’s levels of the male hormone. This is usually done by analyzing a blood sample. Many insurance providers cover the blood work. If you are diagnosed with a deficiency in testosterone, it can be treated.

The Following Treatments May Be Used In Treating Low Testosterone

  • Nutritional Modifications
  • Increasing Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Medications

Upon treatment, the monitoring of your testosterone levels is essential, ensuring the treatments effectiveness. Continued monitoring also allows your doctor to make any necessary modifications in treating your condition.