We Treat Infertility Every Step of The Way

Couples are said to be infertile if they have had at least one year of unprotected intercourse without successfully initiating a pregnancy. Approximately 15 percent of couples are infertile, according to this definition. Furthermore, a male factor is found to play a significant role in approximately 50 percent of cases. Florida Urology Partners specializes in male infertility.

The initial male evaluation consists of several semen analyses. A complete semen analysis will evaluate the volume of the ejaculate, and the time it takes the semen to liquefy, as well as the percentage of sperm that is moving. In addition to the semen analysis, blood testing may be required to check the levels of the male hormone testosterone, as well as two additional substances called FSH and LH will be checked. The tests on these substances provide information about other aspects of testicular function, such as hormone production. In addition to these tests described, a detailed medical and surgical history is obtained.

The history will identify factors known to be linked to infertility, such as exposure to toxins, trauma, and a history of undescended testes, hernia surgery or adolescent mumps. Cigarette smoking is also known to adversely affect semen quality. Once the blood test and semen analysis results are available, treatment recommendations are made.

Therapy To Treat Infertility

One of the most common findings is a complex of scrotal varicose veins called a varicocele. If a varicocele is found and semen quality seems to be adversely affected, an outpatient surgical procedure to ligate the veins is typically recommended. Other forms of therapy are available for male factor infertility if less common causes are identified. A personal consultation is the first place to begin.