Shaun Stucky, C.P.A.

For the last twenty-five years Shaun Stucky has been helping to improve operations and drive growth in Healthcare as a CEO and CFO. His background includes leadership roles in various sub-specialty medical practices focused on patient quality, fiscal responsibility and market transformation. Shaun has led multiple practice merger and acquisition transactions resulting in new dynamic organizations.

Shaun began his healthcare career at PwC LLP, working with large hospital systems and physician practices while diversifying his experience in banking and the oil and gas industry. As a Manager for PwC LLP he decided to leave public practice and focus his efforts on the private side ofHealthcare in Texas.

Shaun believes that true leadership must be based on stakeholder respect while maintaining a goal-oriented mindset that promotes transformational decisions the yield extraordinary results. Shaun is a relationship builder and financial communicator who is doctor and patient focused on excellence in the Healthcare space.